Notting Hill, the most colorful district of London

A sunny Saturday in London is not a common thing! When it finally happens, it’s a pity not to go for a long, charming walk. After watching tones of Instagram photos I decided to go for a walk to the most photogenic districts of the English capital – Notting Hill.

Notting Hill is famous for its lovely, pastel-coloured houses which in May are additionally decorated with blooming magnolia trees, lilac or cherry trees. This district owes its fame primarily to the Hollywood production of the same title, in which the fate of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant play out against the backdrop of Portobello Market stalls and charming streets. This romantic comedy has proved to be a box office hit and Notting Hill has become an extremely popular place. I recommend you to watch the movie before you go, because this light, romantic comedy will perfectly get you into the spirit of not only the Notting Hill, but also the London in general.

What else is Notting Hill known for? Well, for sure for the biggest street festival in Europe – the Notting Hill carnival. Every year in August Notting Hill is flooded by the parade of millions of people in colorful costumes with feathers and Calypso music in the background. Many streets are closed then when colorful processions is pouring across the entire city.

Get ready for a loads of colorful photos!

Down the romantic streets of Notting Hill

As it wasn’t my first visit to Notting Hill, we started our wandering from the slightly less-frequented side streets. And it really was worth doing it!

First of all, we got to the Landbroke Grove station by tube and from there we walked down the Lancester Road. This is probably one of the most popular alternative routes of Notting Hill and photos of the famous Rainbow Row are among the most popular photos on Instagram under the hashtag #NottingHill. I wanted to have one taken by myself!

From Landbroke Grove we turned right and see what a beautiful surprise was waiting there for us! Extremely charming courtyard of St. Stephen’s Mews with houses that look just like moved from some Italian fairy-tale! Who would have thought that London hides such wonderful places in the alleyways?! This is what I love the most in this city: there is always something new to discover!

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Market is one of the most popular fairs in London, named after the street where it is located – Portobello Road. You can find here whatever your heart desires! There are stands with clothes, old vinyls and small Portobello Green Market is a real paradise for all vintage style lovers! In Portobello Market you can buy London souvenirs, books, posters and different artworks. If you get hungry, there are plenty of trendy kiosks and bakeries such as Humming Bird, stalls full of fresh fruits and stalls serving dishes from around the world!

If you enjoy such atmosphere, you will also like the slightly less elegant but more extravagant Camden Town. Check out my post where I discover there the alternative side of London.

Equipped with a delicious falafel wrap we went along Portobello Road towards Kensington Gardens and the palace of Princess Diana. Along the way, we grabbed a beer and fries at The Champion pub, where you can also take your four-legged friend. There is a small dog corner with little bowls, clean drinking water and dog biscuits. Isn’t is a wonderful idea?

After having the India Pale Ale, we walked down the Kensignton Palace Gardens alley towards the Kensington Palace. I always liked walking along this avenue. It is a very posh little street with foreign embassies’ buildings growing at both its sides giving it an elegant, dignified character.

Pałac Kensington i jego ogrody

For centuries the Kensington Palace has been influenced by generations of royal women. It is a place where Queen Victoria was born and lived up to the time of taking the throne. Whereas in 1981 the Kensington Palace became the main abode of Duchess of Wales – princess Diana.

It is worth taking a walk around the gardens surrounding the palace. The park’s avenues are full of magnificent trees and in the Italian gardens you will find plenty of decorative flower beds always in bloom! There is also a statue of Peter Pan in the park’s corner, an Albert’s statue, husband of Queen Victoria and two galleries of modern art with the graceful name of the Serpentine Galleries.

The eastern edges of the Kensigton Gardens combine with the famous Hyde Park, one of the largest city parks in the world.

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Who has already visited the Notting Hill area? What did you like the most about it?


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